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A word of caution on e-filing too early.

With the official start of e-file on January 23rd, many tax payers have already started their tax returns. Many tax forms that would normally take till mid-February to be received in the mail are now available on-line. ZipTax recommends that if you want to file your return early you should check on-line options for obtaining the required forms. Forms commonly available on-line include, W2s, 1098 (mortgage interest), Student loan interest, 1095A Affordable Care Act form from the online market place (Covered CA).

A word of caution about filing too early. If you receive a form late and are required to amend your tax return, any additional refund could take a minimum of 16 weeks to be received. In addition, amended returns can't be e-filed and can be complex to fill out on your own. Hiring a tax professional to prepare your amended return is usually necessary.

Heather Bockrath