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Government offices are back to work but....

The government is back to work today but the shutdown on Monday was enough to have an impact of tax filing. As previously stated e-filing is set to begin on January 29th but most forms and instructions have not been approved. The final version of the 1040 series of tax forms and instructions was expected to be released today but has now been delayed until January 30th.

What does this mean for taxes and refunds? ZipTax suggests that while it is possible to start your taxes now do not sign or accept copies of your taxes until all forms and instructions have been approved by the IRS. It is true that in most cases the current "DO NOT FILE" versions of the form will not change. However, if they do change you will need to get corrected forms and resign your tax return.

Since the finalized forms have been pushed back to the 30th ZipTax is expecting refunds to follow the same trend and be 1-7 days later than originally expected.

Please continue to follow our blog for the latest updates on filing and IRS refunds.

Heather Bockrath