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IRS announces start of the tax season

The IRS announced that it will start accepting and processing tax returns on January 29th this year and the due date to file personal tax returns will be April 17th. ZipTax would like to remind taxpayers that even if the IRS is not accepting tax returns until the 29th, you can still have your tax returns prepared before that date. Most companies like ZipTax will simply hold the electronic returns and send them on the 29th of January. Don't delay filing since the returns will be processed in order and do not mail-in your return early since mail-in returns will not be processed until Mid-February and this will delay processing even further.

Another important item to remember is that due to the PATH act some refunds will be delayed until Late February. Tax returns that have request for refunds based on certain credits will be required to wait for their refunds. You should consult your tax professional to see if you're subject to this tax law.

For more information on this IRS announcement visit the link below. 

Heather Bockrath