ZipTax Redding
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Business Tax Services

We do Business Taxes for far less than other tax firms...

Bookkeeping and Record Keeping Services

If you are a busy business owner with no time to keep up with your paperwork, ZipTax offers affordable bookkeeping and record keeping services. With prices starting at $105/month it's affordable to have someone else keep track of what is and what is not a valid tax deduction.

Partnership Returns

Our Partnership tax return fee averages around $400. This includes the Federal form 1065, California form 565, forms K-1 for two partners, e-file, and year round tax planning. More complex Partnerships or Partnerships with out of state partners will have higher fees. 



Other Returns

S-Corporations fees start at $500 and go up depending on the complexity of the tax return and type of business. Preparation includes Federal form 1120-S, California form 100-S, California form 100-ES, forms K-1 for two members, e-file, and year-round tax planning.

We can also prepare tax returns for Corporations, LLCs, Trusts, Estates, Exempt Organizations, and Gift Tax Filings. Prices on these returns varies. We recommended that you call our office to be matched to an Enrolled Agent that specializes in these types of returns.